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I recently learned that I have an almond allergy, which was not a shock to me at all, considering how much almond I was eating.  But it really put a damper on my being, ya, that's overly dramatic. So I put out an alert on my instagram stories and so many of you suggested I make cashew milk.  Great suggestion.  I started experimenting with various milk alternatives and came up with what I’m now in love with.  Its a combination of cashew and toasted coconut.  I started with raw coconut shreds, but toasting them gives them a deeper, nuttier, richer flavor and I'm all about it.  

There are a few add ins that I suggest but feel free to use the base and experiment on your own.  My favorite add in is collagen, pearl powder and spirulina. Ya, sounds really gross, something like kelp milk, but it just adds another complexity to the flavors and does not take savory at all. 

I use a Vitamix which whips this up really quickly.  Any blender will work, but I suggest if you're not using a high powered one that you soak the dates in warm water and the cashews for a little longer.


5 cups of water 

1 cup of cashews

1 1/2 cups toasted coconut 

5 dates

1/2 vanilla pod

pinch of salt (I used activated charcoal salt)

1/2 teaspoons cinnamon

Add Ins: 

1 scoop collagen 

1/4 teaspoon spirulina per 2 cups of liquid 

3/4 cups of fresh or frozen raspberries per 2 cups of liquid 

1/3 cup cacao nibs

How to Make:

Heat oven to 350 and place coconut on parchment lined pan.  While your oven is heating, put the cashews in a bowl and fill with water to cover. Put the rest of the ingredients you're using in the blender.   Prepare you nut milk strainer.   Toast the coconut until golden brown.  Allow the coconut to cool before adding it to the mixture.  Drain and rinse the cashews and put in the blender.  Blend until completely smooth.  Strain and chill.  The milk should last about 7 days. 




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