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These are what dreams are made of. Kind of like the ones your grew up eating without all the junk!  We make them with a few organic ingredients were proud to use. We've sourced the perfect grass fed, pasture raised gelatin for these babies, because we wouldn't feed you anything we wouldn't eat.

Want to make s'mores? These are perfect.  Need a little something in your coffee or hot cocoa? We love them that way! Want to just toast them over a flame at midnight in your pajamas? Yup, they're good for that too!  We've even heard of people making rice crispy treats with them! However you eat them, were excited to be able to offer this great alternative to you!

Ingredients: *maple syrup, raw honey, *pastured, grass fed bovine gelatin, *vanilla extract.

10 oz of marshmallows come in an order. 

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