About the Sourdough

About the bread

I am beyond excited to offer this beautiful product to you. I've been working on this recipe for 3 years and have finally started to share it!  The bread is gluten-soy-dairy-rice free, vegan, sprouted and organic.  Its crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. 

Ingredients: Organic sprouted sorghum flour, organic tapioca flour, organic spouted gluten free oat flour, Himalayan salt and a dash of xanthan gum. 

How it Works: On Friday and Saturday mornings the bread will be posted on the website.  When its posted, you will have the opportunity to purchase your loaf. The next step is logistics, so each order is counted, we make a shipping label, then Monday through Wednesday we make each loaf.  We let the loaves  cool and shipped the same day its made.  We sell a certain amount each week because we are still a very small company and can't bake more than we can bake. 

Bread pickup: If you choose pick up at our kitchen 2709 Santa Monica blvd Santa Monica 90404 you are responsible for picking your loaf up.  We have limited time to pick up.  Monday 10am - 2 pm Tuesday -Wednesday 10 am - 12 pm. We are closed Monday for Memorial Day Weekend.  If you don't pick your loaf up on either one of those days, please email us. We are flexible, but we will only hang on to it for a week as we want your product to be fresh!  Thank you for your understanding.  Unfortunately we are no able to ship after you've chosen this option.

Future of the bread:  We are working on keeping it around and scaling.  I can't believe it, but its true.  We are constantly working on ways to improve the process and its efficiency so we can continue to sell and increase our capacity!

Bread storage and consumption: We suggest that you slice the loaf of bread and freeze it  with parchment in-between each slice. Please store in an air tight container for up to two months. The bread can be defrosted in a microwave, a toaster or thawing on the counter. To prepare, toast or oil a pan and "fry" it in a skillet. 

Side Note:  We work so hard to make sure these babies are perfect when they are shipped.  We however are working with natural ingredients that are constantly changing because thats just life, sometimes the grains have more moisture or less, the starter is wetter than normal, there are so many variables with this and we do our best to compensate and get the same quality loaf to you each time.  We appreciate your understanding and love for our baby.  

Disclaimer:  There are no refunds, returns or replacements.   Sometimes the USPS leaves packages at the wrong place.  We suggest contacting them or your mail person in the case that happens.  We are not responsible for replacing loaves that say they're delivered but you don't receive.