Do you have a storefront?

We do not, we are just a kitchen!

Is everything you make gluten free?

Yes! And… dairy/soy free too!

Why did shipping change to $10 flat rate?

We had a really hard decision to make. The cost of shipping increases every year and last year we didn't increase our shipping cost to reflect that.  Because of it, we ended up eating several dollars per order in shipping costs.  Ultimately, to be able to sustain our company, we needed to make a change.  We suggest that you order more items to offset this cost. Therefore, if you normally order only one loaf of bread every 2 weeks, we suggest purchasing 2 every month to help cut the shipping cost in half. Again, this was a really challenging decision, but even with this increase, we will continue we eat some of the cost. 

Is your bread organic?

Yes! It is.  We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality, organic ingredients.

Does your sourdough contain yeast?

Our bread does have yeast BUT its not the conventional yeast you find at the grocery store! It is made from the fermentation of the water and organic grains that we use.

Does the fermentation process do the same thing as sprouting?

Fermenting helps remove some of the phytic acids and anti-nutrients allowing your body to more easily digest the minerals. It also adds a level of gut friendly bacteria. 

How long is your bread fermented for?

We ferment our bread anywhere from 12-16 hours.

Where can we find your bread?

You can find it here on our site, Vibe cafe in OC, Crush in Utah, Zest in New Jersey.

Want to see us somewhere?

Tell your local cafe about us and let us know!

 Can we sign up for a subscription?

Yes! Any day of the week!

How much Xanthan gum is in your bread?

There is approximately less than 2% in our flour blend.

Why can’t I log into my subscription account with my email?

If you have not previously set up an account, you must first register a new account even if you have used the same email previously.  To register your account please go here: https://cocobakesla.com/account/register

How do I change the frequency of my subscription? 

Once you register a new account, you can access your subscription.  It is pretty flexible when it comes to how often you want your order shipped

I just purchased my order, when will it ship?

If you ordered Monday-Sunday, your order will  be shipped the following week. 

Do you offer in kitchen pick up?

We are not currently offering in store pick up. 

Do you have nutrition facts for your bread?

We plan to release these soon!

How do I know when my bread is on the way?

Our system is set up to send you a tracking email once it’s on the way to the post office/Fedex.  If you haven’t received an email, it probably means that we are still working on your order.

Do you ship your cakes?

We ship any loaf cake, however our layered cakes are currently only available for pick up or local delivery for an extra fee.

 How do we tag you on our social media?

Use our handle @cocobakes and #iloafcocobakes  

 Have a questions or feedback?

Please email questions@cocobakesla.com

What is Route?

We do not offer any refunds, exchanges or replacements BUT we do offer Route.  Route will cover you in case your order doesn't show up or is delayed!  All you have to do is click the option at check out!

Disclaimer:  There are no refunds, returns or replacements.  We are not responsible for replacing loaves that say they're delivered but you don't receive.