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"If you been told that you’re gluten intolerant and are afraid you’ll never be able to eat bread again, have no fear because Coco Bakes will undoubtably change and blow your mind!  And, all at the same time. I am someone who thought I could never real enjoy the taste of real bread again. I have Crohns and have needed to remove so much of of my diet , including bread. All the gluten free breads out there have so much processed things in them that no matter how much I try, it always hurt my stomach or tasted so “fake”. I tried making my own paleo bread but never was successful and always tasted so eggy. Then I discovered Coco Bakes and let me tell you, it changed my life. Not only does her bread not have eggs and only made of three ingredients. Not only does it crisp beautifully when sliced, in the oven and made of sprouted grains. It tastes AMAZING! Even my gluten living father said so.
So if your thinking about trying this bread, buy two loafs, trust me ....”                     -Sarah C. 

"Coco’s gluten free sprouted sour dough bread is what I have been searching for my whole life!!! The struggle to find GOOD gluten free bread is a tough one, and Coco has exceeded my expectations ten fold. If you are looking for a real deal sour dough loaf that is soft on the inside and has a crust that dreams are made of — all without upsetting your stomach, this gluten free sprouted sour dough bread is for YOU!"                                                                                                       -Elizabeth T.

"After eliminating gluten from my diet 12 years ago, I can say one of the things I have truly missed the most is bread. Real bread. Sure, there are plenty of gluten free options pre-sliced and frozen available at there grocery store, but they are what I refer to as “filler,” aka a vehicle for peanut butter.
After hearing about Coco’s gluten free sprouted sourdough I was interested and hopeful but set my expectations extremely low because gluten free bread is well, not that good. But to my utter amazement, Coco’s bread was doughy, crispy on the outside, totally sour in the best way and tasted like FOOD - not filler. It was everything I hoped for and more and I even considered for a moment going to culinary school and becoming a baker so I could be her apprentice and learn the secrets of this magical bread. For now, I’ll just hope that I’m on top of my game enough to get an order in before they sell out in 2 minutes. Thank you Coco for making your bread an actual piece of art. We are all so grateful!" 
-Kayla M.

"My daughter and I just got our first loaf of your awesome sourdough bread and I can truly say it is life changing. Perfect crust great texture. Toasts beautifully and has that wonderful sourdough taste that only comes with a great sourdough starter!!
I can’t believe it’s vegan and GF!"
- Kari I.

"My dad was diagnosed with ALS this last year, and we have made some MAJOR diet changes in our house- pretty much only real, whole food allowed now! After a literal 180 turn around from his previous diet, the ONLY complaint this man had was he missed "real bread".... let me just say, HE F*CKING LOVES THIS STUFF, AND THAT IS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IN JULY. I really never thought we would be able to find a loaf that had all the healthy musts checked, AND be this delicious. Thank you for proving me wrong.  We legit eat it with everything. His current fav is a savory breakfast toast with vegan cheese, and some chunky garlicy sunflower pesto slathered allllll on that bish."                         - Kinsey B.

"If you want a product that is truly made with love and care, look no further. Coco Bakes makes the most delicious soy, dairy, sugar, and yes, gluten free, fermented sour dough bread, you won’t believe it until first bite.  Every week, Coco finds the muster and wherewithal to bake each loaf the same, giving them all the same love and care. The bread is great toasted, plain, with butter, as avocado toast. No matter how you slice it, and you will, you’ll see how amazing this bread is!  Coco and Beau are awesome, too."                                                       - Shari Z. 


"Let’s start of by saying not all bread is created equally, case in point Coco Bakes sourdough bread. This bread is not only delicious, but it is organic, sprouted, fermented, gf, vegan, yeast free, df, soy free—basically free of all the crap that gives bread a bad name! It’s crusty and hardish on the outside and dense yet moist and chewy on the inside. Is it more expensive than other bread? Yes, but with good reason: it’s made with high quality ingredients and it takes time to make bread like this, so yeah pay the lady what she deserves! In my opinion it’s worth every penny. I rotate the bread we eat because I can’t always snag a loaf of Coco’s (they sell out quickly, no lie—within minutes) but I have to say it is definitely the one I’m constantly jonesing for!"                                                            - Nini L.

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