Burger Buns (grain free)

Burger Buns (grain free)

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We are so excited to present to you grain free burger buns!  We've taken everything perfect about our grain free, vegan and organic buns and flattened them and made them larger to give you the perfect burger bun.  

Whats the skinny? A little on the thin side (compared to the buns) they make the perfect bun to patty ratio.

Don't believe us? We testing them at Belcampo and man do they make a perfect bun!

5 burger buns come in a order.  They are 3.75-4" wide.

We cannot wait to see what you make with them! 


Please make sure to freeze you bunz immediately! Pull one out and let it thaw, cut it open and toast, bake or fry!

Ingredients: Organic almond flour, organic tapioca flour, organic coconut flour, organic psyllium husk, organic flax seeds, yeast, salt, organic coconut sugar.

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