Buns (grain free)

Buns (grain free)

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 Our grain free clouds of fluffiness and delight. We personally cannot stop eating them. Want just a quick snack? grab a bun. Hoping for a sandwich? Bun it up. Burger night?  Yup, bun time!  Toasted or fried, they're full of flavor and ready for whatever you want to dress them in!



Please make sure to freeze you bunz immediately! Pull one out and let it thaw, cut it open and toast, bake or fry!

Each roll is 3.75-4 oz (since they’re hand rolled they vary slightly) and there are 6 in  an order.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic almond flour, organic tapioca flour, organic coconut flour, organic psyllium husk, organic flax meal, yeast, organic coconut sugar, mineral rich salt.


Why do we use organic coconut sugar?  Yeast needs food to eat and grow and its food of choice is kind of like my 5 year old self's choice too... SUGAR! We use coconut sugar because it's widely available, delicious and low on the glycemic index. So am I eating sugar?  The yeast eats the sugar and the output is gas to create bubbles, so no, its not like you're eating grams of sugar. 

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