Herb Buns

Herb Buns

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These grain free rolls are herbalicious! We use all organic ingredients to make these little babies.  Each roll is 3.75-4 oz (since they’re hand rolled they vary slightly) and there are 6 in an order!


We take your health seriously so we are using ALL organic ingredients, from the almond flour to the yeast.


Why is a high quality organic yeast important?  A lot of celiac symptoms are linked to the yeast used in bread. Some yeasts can even have gluten in them.  We sourced a special organic yeast to protect you from all the chemicals in conventional non organic yeast like lye, ammonia, synthetic vitamins and even wheat and de-foamers (whatever those are).



Ingredients: filtered water, organic almond flour, organic tapioca flour, organic coconut flour, organic psyllium husk, organic flax meal, organic rosemary, organic thyme, organic sage, organic yeast, mineral rich salt.


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