Sourdough Bread Subscription $5 off

Sourdough Bread Subscription $5 off

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Want my bread on the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? Don't want to order just one loaf on Friday or Saturday? Look no further than here! I have launched the Sourdough Bread Subscription! 

Choose how you would like to receive it, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. 

More about the bread:

I'm so happy to sell this sourdough bread! It is organic, sprouted, gluten free, vegan, naturally leavened bread. They're a serious labor of love, but worth the work for you to have delicious gluten free bread.

The bread is crusty on the outside, dense, spongy and moist (ya, I said it). Don't expect this to be like other gf bread or "regular" bread. It's magical in its own way and beyond delicious toasted with all the things on top.

It's made with organic sprouted sorghum flour, organic sprouted oat flour and organic tapioca flour and Himalayan salt and a drop, yes a drop of xanthan gum (legally its little enough that I don’t have to disclose… but thats not me).

Storing: I suggest cutting pieces and freezing them and eating as you want/ need. If you will eat within 3 days, it can sit on the counter in a plastic bag.

There are no returns, refunds or exchanges for the bread. We work very hard to make it and each loaf is different. We ship USPS and sometimes they leave packages in the wrong place. It is your responsibility to contact them. By purchasing you are accepting these terms.

For in store pick up: Pick up happens Monday 10am-12pm or Wednesday 10am-12pm. If you cannot make these days or times please do not choose in store pick up. We will donate your loaf if you don’t show up. We wont be able to switch it to shipping. Thank you for your understanding.